MaxxiLine 1ltr, 1.8ltr, 2.2ltr Disposable EN12205 Argon, Co2/Argon, CO2, Oxygen/Argon bottles are a handy, cost effective alternative to stationary industrial size gas cylinders

MaxxiLine Disposable EN12205 Welding gas bottles are secure, compact, economic and lightweight. They are are Suitable for most home handy man TIG & MIG Welding Machines

Wholesale Prices Only !!!

MaxxiLine disposable welding gas bottles are suitable for most portable TIG & MIG welding machines


MaxxiLine 1lt, 1.8lt, 2.2lt Disposable Argon Bottles - TIG Welding: Iron-Stainless Steel-Alluminium - MIG Welding: Alluminium
MaxxiLine 1lt, 1.8lt, 2.2lt Disposable Argon/CO2 (Mix) Bottles - MIG-MAG Welding: Iron-Stainless Steel

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MaxxiLine 1lt, 1.8lt, 2.2lt Disposable Argon/Oxygen (Mix) Bottles - MIG Welding: Stainless Steel
MaxxiLine 1lt (500gr), 1.8lt (800gr), 2.2lt (1000gr) Disposable CO2 Bottles - MAG Welding: Iron

Cheaper solution available

Ideal for that quick small jobs

Easy to carry

MaxxiLine Disposable EN12205 Welding Cylinders are cheaper than refilling reusable cylinders

MaxxiLine Disposable EN12205 Welding Cylinders do not require periodic re-certification


1 LITRE disposable gas bottle : Dim. 285mm height x 80mm diameter

Working Pressure: 110 bar

1.8 LITRE disposable gas bottle : Dim. 280mm height x 102mm diameter

Working Pressure: 84 bar

2.2 LITRE disposable gas bottle : Dim. 325mm height x 102mm diameter

Working Pressure: 100 bar

Argon, Argon/Co2 (Mix), CO2, Argon/O2 (Mix) disposable gas bottles are ideal to be used with the smaller MIG/TIG hobby welders

Bouteille de gaz jetable pour le soudage Argon Argon/CO2 CO2 Argon/O2, Bouteilles à gaz NON Rechargeables, Bouteilles à gaz transportables, Bouteilles à gaz métalliques non rechargeables, Bouteille à usage unique Argon Argon/Co2 (mix) Argon/O2 (mix) CO2

Einwegflasche Argon Argon/CO2 Argon/O2 Co2 Mischgas, Einwegflasche WIG & MIG Schweißen, kohlendioxid-zylinder, CO2 für WIG und MIG Schweißen, CO2-flaschen fur lebensmittel karbonisierung, CO2 Einweg-Vorratsflasche

Bombona no recargable gas Argon, Argon/CO2, Argon/O2, CO2 para la soldadura, Botella no recargable para la soldadura gas Argon, Argon/CO2, Argon/O2, CO2



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